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President                                      Brenda Oyler Kim, Juniper Village at Brookline

Vice President                             Jill McKenrick, Juniper Village at Brookline

Secretary                                      Janice Germann, The Village at Penn State

Treasurer                                      Amy Lorek, Center for Healthy Aging, College of Health & Human Development Penn State

Programming                              LaVonne Ammerman, Advantage Home Health Services

Programming                              Janice Whitaker, Geriatric Nursing Excellence, Ross & Carol Nese College of Nursing, Penn State

Outreach/Publicity                    Brandy McCardle, Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Nittany Valley

Outreach/Publicity                    Jenny Rank, Ross and Carol Nese College of Nursing, Penn State

Conference Coordinators        Meg Clouser, Foxdale Village

                                                        Jeannine Shade, Foxdale Village

Members at Large                     Sandy Schuckers, Centre County Office of Aging

                                                       Mitchell Straub, Vital Rehab and Wellness



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